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Changing of the seasons

Now that Fall has arrived and it's chilly raincoat has decided to cover I'm sure,many of us moms are stuck inside with our active youngsters. I've tried to look at Pintrest for some new and creative ways to have fun with your kiddos when the Fall weather outside isn't so great, but have come up with only your typical finger painting homemade playdough making activities. Need some new, cool, and creative activities with lil boy, even if it's ideas for some group gatherings even better!

9/26/2013, 9:27am – Fun & Games

jen.rittenhouse Great question! I bet there are a lot of moms thinking about this. I shared it with our Facebook and Twitter followers. Can't wait to see the ideas people share!

9/26/2013, 9:57am

katieshairstyling I take my water table from summer, clean it out, add some rice/beans/salt whatever. Bam! Sensory table

9/26/2013, 10:01am

kristi.warner.58 How old is your little guy? If you are a sahm check out my answer in the play date section!

9/26/2013, 10:12am

kristi.warner.58 Last year I did a letter each week time for flashcards was the blog I followed for ideas. The kids really seemed to like it and they learned a lot too!

9/26/2013, 10:14am

alexandra.shaeffer.5 That letter of the week I think is a great idea. Because my lil guy is almost 2 1/2 and it would be a great way to get a little bit of a headstart for pre-school. I'm always looking for new ways for kiddos to help there brains get that much smarter :-)

9/26/2013, 8:09pm

kristi.warner.58 I am a is totally worth checking out her blog..lots of great ideas. I also do circle time (got a teachers calendar and a days of the week thing from the dollar store) with the ABCs and a book or two. I also tried to collect things from around the house that started with that letter. Its a lot fun and definitely gives them a little head start!

9/27/2013, 2:58pm

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