Why My Daughter Wears Secondhand Duds 2

I grew up sitting on old furniture and wearing secondhand clothes. It’s part of my mom and dad’s charm. They are mad about European antiques. I’m pretty sure my mom invented thrift store shopping.

I shop secondhand for my daughter because it was part of my upbringing. Growing up I happily wore the name brand clothes my mom purchased at thrift stores. In my twenties I sold my clothes to earn cash for bus fare and to buy more clothes. 

Strengthening my belief in secondhand shopping: I’ve regretted almost every purchase I’ve paid full-pop retail for. Except a pair of William Rast Jeans. (I love you Justin Timberlake. Hashtag forever.)

Secondhand shopping and selling is my religion. My go-to solution for most things. It’s how I roll. When my husband and I were preparing for our baby we were also planning a postpartum trip to Spain and Holland. Buying new baby things didn’t jive with our overseas travel budget. Craigslist and hand me downs did. 

Life is seasonal. Life with children? One day you can’t live without the Boppy pillow. The next day the Boppy is a cat bed. While it makes sense to buy some things new, it also makes sense to shop secondhand and share your things with other people who need or want them.

That’s why we created Swap Meet Mama. As a new mama, I spent hours combing through other resale sites and social media pages. I thought "there must be a better way." There wasn’t. So we made one.

This site is a nod to my secondhand roots and a love letter to all things thrift. I am incredibly excited to be sharing it with you. I hope Swap Meet Mama helps you clear the clutter, save money, earn cash and connect with other people.

Let’s get this secondhand party started.

*Everything my toddler is wearing in the picture above is secondhand. Slide behind her is used too. Brands are Baby Gap, Gymboree and Little Tikes.

Posted in Secondhand, Shopping, Thrift Store 9/30/2013 at 7:47pm by Jen Rittenhouse

kristi.warner.58 Love this!

9/30/2013 at 10:02pm

jen.rittenhouse Thanks Kristi! The cats are still meowing for the Boppy...

9/30/2013 at 10:09pm

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Off the Rack

Jen is the co-creator of Swap Meet Mama. She is a copywriter, marketer and trend spotter by trade. She loves to build things that connect with people and believes in the power of thrift store shopping. Her daughter, Stella Mae (aka, Maeby, Mae Mae and Nena) dresses almost exclusively in denim and secondhand duds.

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