Tips for Buying and Selling Goods on Instagram

By Claire Jones, ForeverYoursVintage

I had been selling on Etsy for a little over two years when I noticed a sudden surge of people selling things through Instagram. Now, as you may know, Instagram is not meant to be used for buying or selling but it has been utilized as a fun environment to do so with. I decided to start an Instagram shop to go hand in hand with my Etsy shop, ForeverYoursVintage, as a way to promote and boost sales. 

It took some time to make my first sale, so you cannot get discouraged easily. But after the first sale many more will follow. It’s all about trial and error but once you find your niche it becomes second nature. 

My top tips on buying and selling on Instagram:


  • Snap some bright and clear pictures or what you are selling.
  • Be honest with your descriptions.
  • Post everyday: Do a recap of things that you may have posted the day before. Items can disapper quickly in the newsfeed.
  • Keep things fresh. Offer a BOGO, a percentage off, free shipping or a giveaway. It will create buzz and get more people looking at what you have for sale.
  • Be friendly. How you treat people will greatly affect your sales.
  • Paypal is your best friend. Some people do concealed cash too. (But be safe!)
  • Get a collection of items, pick a date, and do a huge sale post. That seems to work better than sporadic posts.


  • Comments = purchase. Leave your PayPal email address and zip code so the buyer can send you and invoice.
  • Pay your invoices as soon as you can. Sellers appreciate it very much.
  • Questions? Don't be afraid to ask.

Buyers + Sellers

  • If someone looks shady, they probably are. Trust your gut. 
  • Have fun!

The Instagram selling community is a fast growing one. New shops open everyday. You meet some amazing people who you share interests with. I know I have and am very fortunate for the connections that I have made. Just follow some of the tips above and have fun.

Claire is a 23-year-old recent college graduate of Lock Haven University. She lives in Pennsylvania where she spends her time working, antiquing, and running her Etsy shop. She dreams of one day opening up her own brick and mortar antique shop. Check out her Etsy shop, find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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