Savvy (and awesome) Couple Crowdsources Thai Adoption

Sometimes life throws curve balls no one could ever expect. In the Marth's case, that surprise came in the form of no babies coming after a couple years of trying. The Mottola's are exploring the path of fertility. The Marth's decided to adopt. And they're smartly asking for your help.

Like many fertility procedures, adoption isn't exactly something covered by any sort of insurance. To ease the five-figure cost of adoption the Marth's have taken to the internet and social media with their story to raise funds so they can lovingly raise a new little Marth. Much like many Kickstarter campaigns, they're offering insight into the process via a blog plus incentives for donating like art (Aaron's a fantastic designer!) and even a donor competition dictating whether or not Aaron shaves his substantial beard. Seriously, look at that thing!

aaron marth beard

They're already well on their way through the adoption process and towards their financial goals but could still use your support. Not everyone can just "make a baby" so why not help bring a child to two people who will make great parents.

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Posted in Adoption, Baby Making, Fertility 10/31/2013 at 9:12am by Kevin Freitas

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