Principles of Adoption: Trust, Love, Compassion and Patience

By Laura Handy-Nimick

The final hour on Turks and Caicos was spent cajoling Caicos the Wild Puppy into the beach house and ultimately into a bright red collar. The two hours before that was spent driving around the island to local rescue organizations, including the SPCA, to find a way to bring our new friend home.

We had spent this tropical dream vacation marrying my sister off to her long-time boyfriend and secondly, making a friend out of Caicos as we fed her regular meals of dog food and spoiling her with bits of steak and barbecued chicken. When we arrived Caicos wouldn't come within thirty feet of us. She lurked at the edges of the property watching us as we went about our vacation. After a few regular meals we built trust little by little until she was eating from our fingers and tiptoeing through the house. 

She slowly became ours.

That night we were having dinner at a bar in the Miami airport and my husband looks at me and says, "You know, we can't bring a family member home from every country we visit." 

Now, almost a week later, we are back to daily life waiting patiently to see if we'll be able to get Caicos the Wild Puppy and the little boy we're adopting from India home. Whether it be a pet or a child, the spirits of adoption remain the same: trust, love, compassion and for now, patience.

Check out the nonprofit Laura and her husband started to educate and support children in Nepal, Life's Handy Work.

This post originally appeared on November 21, 2013

Posted in Adoption 11/21/2014 at 6:38am by Jen Rittenhouse

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