Outfit Post: One Pair of Pants Styled Three Ways

I'm starting this outfit post with a confession: I think work clothes are boring. 

Shopping for my work wardrobe feels obligatory like a dental cleaning or taking out the trash. Even so, work pants are a staple in my life five days a week. I decided if I must buy them, I'm not paying retail.

This pair if Limited The Cassidy Fit crops were a consignment sale find I paid $5 for. The pants were originally priced at $10 but I snatched them up at a 50% sale. 

I wear these pants spring into the start of fall. Here are the pants styled three thrifty ways.

Look 1: Spring to Fall Floral

Styled with a GAP sweater, $2.50 via consignment sale

Look 2: Corporate and Casual

Dressed with a Rubbish jacket, $5 via consignment sale

Look 3: More Flowers for Fall

Paired with an Eci sweater, $2 via Salvation Army

Toddler Bonus

Sleeper: Carter's, $0.25 via Salvation Army
Step 2 Rocking Chair, $2 via Salvation Army

How do you mix and match your thrifty finds?

Posted in clothes, fashion, outfit, secondhand, shopping 9/8/2014 at 6:49am by Jen Rittenhouse

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Off the Rack

Jen is the co-creator of Swap Meet Mama. She is a copywriter, marketer and trend spotter by trade. She loves to build things that connect with people and believes in the power of thrift store shopping. Her daughter, Stella Mae (aka, Maeby, Mae Mae and Nena) dresses almost exclusively in denim and secondhand duds.

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