Instant Twin Babies

By Jerrie Barnett

Our adoption story is an amazing miracle where two mothers collided at exactly the right time and place. My husband and I started out our eighth wedding year with plans for surgery to help us have a child together. We really hadn’t given much thought toward adoption. We thought adoption would be next to impossible. We didn’t have tons of money and we were already watching several of our friends go through the process of trying to find legally-free kids through the state.  

One brief moment in time changed everything. 

I said a prayer and imagined that there was a mother out there somewhere who was searching for someone to care for her child.  

Chance Meeting with a Struggling Mother

In 2012 my husband and I started volunteering for a non-profit organization feeding the homeless. That's where we met the mother I prayed to meet. She was a single mother of four; two preteen boys and twin 11-month-old boys. Her husband had left her a few years before and she found herself pregnant with twins after a weekend fling. She couldn’t keep a job, was living with friends, and was not enjoying starting over with young children on her own. She was ready to give the boys to an agency when our new friend, we had met through feeding the homeless, stepped in and told her about our story.  

My husband and I were halfway into our ninth wedding year when we were approached about adoption. It was the third Sunday of July 2012 when we first laid eyes on two little beautiful 11 month old baby boys. I was one semester away from a long awaited history degree and had planned my life out in nine month intervals with the expectation of pregnancy. I never planned on instant twin babies!  

My whole life was about to change.  

First Steps Toward a Family

We worked out an agreement with the birth mother and had the boys full time by the first week of August. We celebrated their first birthday with them and witnessed them both take their first step, one at 12 months and the other at 15 months. 

We became legal guardians in October and the adoption finalized in December of 2012, just in time for Christmas.  It was an easy whirlwind of a process. 

To date, it is the easiest thing I have ever experienced. We also only had to pay lawyer fees which we received every penny back due to a tax incentive the following year.  

People remarked how honorable and selfless it was to adopt children. I felt it was the other way around because I was living a dream come true and was in awe someone was giving me not one, but two children. 

Instant Twins = Challenges, Adjustments, Humility

I did come to realize what people were talking about as I lived out instant adoption of twin infants. Life was too busy to return to school, my arms felt like fire was raging through them as I adjusted to the physical demands of two 25 pound babies, and I had a constant overwhelming feeling for the first six months. I lost several pounds the first couple months because I rarely ate and rarely sat down. We also had to adjust to our new financial situation and only being able to be a one income family.  

It was an amazing time and I felt so thankful despite the hard adjustments that came with our little gifts. I still long to experience pregnancy, but the devastation of being childless was gone and I was surprised to find that adoption could fill that void.  

My husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this month and we will celebrate our one year adoption anniversary with our baby boys this Christmas. We stand amazed at our adoption story and feel so humbled to have our little guys.

This post originally appeared on November 24, 2013.

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