Have You Clothes Swapped Yet?

A few months ago, we shared a guide for hosting a fulfilling clothes swap. A clothes swap is a party for trading unwanted items in your wardrobe. Everyone hosts a bit differently but the general idea is for everyone to bring clothes they don't want and shop the selection. 

Direct translation: free clothes.

We all have items taking up space in our closet. You know the kind I'm talking about. The clothes we're too attached to donate, and the pieces not worth the time and trouble of consignment.

I took the tips from our guide to heart and hosted my first swap. I promised sangria and snacks, bought two clothing racks and hosted eight women on a Saturday night.

It was magical. We set out our clothes and started shopping. Two hours later, most of us were dressed in different clothes than we started the night in. We were also going home with more clothes than we brought.

Sizing is the first thing people question when I talk clothes swap. In a swapping scenario, that doesn't seem to matter. 

Not convinced yet? Perhaps a few of my scores will help persuade you.

Ann Taylor Loft Dress

Estimated value: $64.99

Ann Taylor Loft Slacks + Blouse

Estimated value: $81.99

Lucky Brand Jeans + Steve Madden Boots + Derek Heart Top

Estimated value: $87.98

Marika Balance Collection Yoga Pants + Marika Tank

Estimated value: $43.96

That's $278.92 that I didn't have to spend on new clothes! I also scored a second Ann Taylor Loft Dress and blouse, Patagonia yoga pants, a vintage geometric print shirt and two Zella workout tops.

The best part about the swap? Seeing my old clothes find new homes. It made me happy and it made it much easier to let items go. 

Are you convinced? Get your friends together for a swap and tell us about it!

In case you missed it, read Katy's post about hosting a fulfilling clothing swap >>

Posted in clothes swap, secondhand, swapping tips 12/4/2014 at 7:33am by Jen Rittenhouse

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