Happy Birthday to Us

We just celebrated our first birthday. The milestone passed without the Pinterest fanfare our children enjoyed on their first birthdays. Even so, we’re pretty excited about the year ahead. 

Swap Meet Mama was an idea we all brought to life. Jen dreamed it, Kevin built it, but you made it real. 

We made a wish for you when we blew out the candle on our first birthday cake. We hope that this next year is your best yet for thrift store and consignment sale shopping. We also hope it brings mucho money your way as you sell the things you no longer need. Our blog is here to help make that happen. 

Ain’t no party like a Swap Meet Mama party. Indulge in your favorite treat and enjoy our greatest hits from year one:

Why My Daughter Wears Secondhand Duds

An Interview with Just Between Friends Tacoma Mama Allison Stephens

Swap Meet Mama Website Empowers Secondhand Market

Secondhand Gear is as Good As New

The revolution is resale, 

Jen and Kevin

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Swap Talk

Jen is the co-creator of Swap Meet Mama. She is a copywriter, marketer and trend spotter by trade. She loves to build things that connect with people and believes in the power of thrift store shopping. Her daughter, Stella Mae (aka, Maeby, Mae Mae and Nena) dresses almost exclusively in denim and secondhand duds.

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